The Fishing

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As soon as the ice is gone, arguably the hottest bite of the year immediately kicks off. Yellow Perch and Crappie fishing in March, April, and Early May is an absolute blast. 100+ fish days are possible. While they are not the largest fish in the lake, Perch and Crappie are a ton of fun and can offer some of the most exciting and memorable trips of the year. The walleye fishing typically heats up in early April and continues through late fall. Lake Hopatcong is an outstanding Walleye fishery and consistently produces trophy-sized fish all year. Largemouth and Smallmouth bass catch fire once the water warms up in April/May and the spring bass fishing can be phenomenal. Musky in excess of 50” inhabit Lake Hopatcong and these fish become active around the same time as the bass. April and May are also a great time to target stocked Trout. Hybrid Striped bass fishing kicks off around mid-April and these large, incredibly strong fish can provide a battle that you won’t ever forget!


All of Lake Hopatcong’s gamefish are active during the summer. This is truly multi-species fishing at its best. You can expect to catch an array of different species during the summer. Morning and evening trips are a great way to avoid the high amount of boat traffic that the lake experiences during the summer. In addition to fast action from a variety of fish, these early and late trips are prime time for the lake’s trophy Walleye and Hybrid Stripers. These fish spend most of the day in deep water and can be tough while the sun is high. However, fishing with us early and late in the day will have your bait in the water during optimal feeding windows and the fishing can be outstanding.


Fall is a great time to be on the water here - boat traffic is almost non-existent and the fall colors are beautiful. In addition, some of the largest fish of the year are caught in the fall. All of Lake Hopatcong’s gamefish go on a feeding binge in the fall to prepare for the upcoming winter, so you can’t go wrong booking a trip anytime from September through ice-up!