The Boat

Simply put, you will be riding in the biggest, baddest boat available when fishing with Lake Hopatcong Guide Service. We are pleased to welcome you aboard our beautiful 18.5’ Lund deep-v fishing boat. Lund is widely considered the gold standard among big-water freshwater fishing boats. We are able to accommodate up to 5 guests and the boat’s massive 96” beam (width) means everyone will enjoy a comfortable day on the water.

Lake Hopatcong Guide Service is proud to offer you the experience of fishing with the top electronics and trolling motor setup available on the market today. Powered by the revolutionary iPilot Link system, our boat is outfitted with two Humminbird Helix fish finders and a 80 lbs. thrust Minn Kota Terrova trolling motor. The fish finders are both GPS units featuring side imaging, down imaging, sonar, and LakeMaster HD mapping of Lake Hopatcong. What makes this iPilot Link system so special is that the fish finders are networked to the trolling motor, allowing them to communicate via Bluetooth, and give us the ability to target structure, depth contours, and schools of fish with pin-point accuracy. The entire system can be controlled via handheld remote, which eliminates your guides need to operate the boat from the bow and gives you and your guests more room to fish. See below for some of the iPilot Link capabilities that will be used to make your trip a success:

  • Follow The Contour: Keeps the boat moving along a specific depth/contour line – this allows you to fish any breakline (weed edges, humps, ledges, points, and flats) with incredible control. This is an amazing tool when fish are finicky and baits need to be presented with precision.
  • Circle Mode: This allows us to silently circle schools of fish, sunken islands, offshore structure, or any other fish-holding spots.
  • Spot-Lock: This allows the trolling motor to “anchor” us in place via the GPS coordinates. It is accurate down to the foot and allows us to hover over a “spot” or waypoint. This is a weapon, as it allows us to return to an exact location or school of fish over and over again. Additionally, it allows your guide to take fish off the hook, rig up a rod, or remove a knot, etc without the boat moving.
  • Auto-Pilot: Allows for unrivaled speed and heading control when trolling, dragging live bait, or casting a shoreline.
  • Remote Control Steering: This feature will allows for the best possible customer service when on the water. When fishing, your guide does not have to control the boat via foot pedal from the front of the boat, which has always been the standard setup among fishing boats. Instead, thanks to this revolutionary technology, your guide will take care of all boat movements via handheld remote control. This allows multiple people to fish from the front, raised casting deck. It also allows your guide to be hands on with each angler. Instead of focusing on controlling the boat, your guide will be focused on netting your trophy fish, unhooking them, changing your bait, teaching you different techniques, and just making your day easier and more enjoyable.  

 Additional highlights:

  • Stereo system with Sirius XM Radio and iPhone jack, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while on the water.
  • 90 horsepower Evinrude motor that will get you to the fish quickly.
  • Large raised casting decks in the front and back allow for plenty of room to fish.
  • Two large aerated livewells will keep your trophy catch alive to ensure a great picture and safe release.
  • Aerated baitwell makes sure your bait stays lively all day.
  • 4 rod holders positioned for trolling and live bait tactics.
  • LED lights throughout the boat – used to light up the inside of the boat and make fishing easier at night.
  • Swim ladder in the rear of the boat allows guests to cool down, take a swim, and safely/easily return to the boat.
  • Depending on your preference, we can setup the boat with 1 - 4 cockpit seats (3 shown in the photos). Your guide will occupy one of these. If you have a full, 5 person group, the additional two guests can either sit in the bow or on a bench-type seat located in the rear of the boat.